There are many, many features in Blender but it’s difficult to know where to find them in the interface or to remember the hotkey. Luckily, the Space menu solves this with a search-as-you-type interface, so you just have to remember the general idea of what you’re trying to do.

Action Description
Space Shows the search bar menu

Exercise: searching for commands with Space

  • Zoom out and move the 3D Cursor away from the cube
  • Add a monkey (Space, then start typing “monkey”)
  • Space, then start typing “add”. What other kinds of things can you add? Try some out.
  • Space, then start typing some commands you already know: Try “delete” and “undo”. Notice the hotkey it shows – this is one way of quickly remembering a hotkey.
  • Clean up the scene: Select All, then Delete. Use either Space or A, X.
  • Snap the cursor to the center and add a cube to get ready for the next exercise.

See also

THe Wikipedia page on Blender describes the history of Suzanne the monkey (along with all sorts of other Blender history).