We will be doing a lot of selection, so we’ll get more practice as we go.

Action Description
RMB Select an object. This may be counterintuitive!
Shift-RMB Add another object to the selection
A Toggle the selection of all objects
Del or X Delete an object from the scene
Ctrl-Z Undo last action
Ctrl-Shift-Z Redo last undo

The cube on the right is selected

Exercise: selecting and deleting

  • Deselect all (A, may have to hit it a couple times)
  • Select the cube, then delete it (RMB, X)
  • Undo! (Ctrl-Z)
  • Deselect all (A)
  • Select the camera (the wireframe pyramid thing with an arrow sticking out of it) and the lamp (the dot surrounded by dotted lines) and delete them.

Delete the camera


Delete the lamp, too


The camera and lamp are used for rendering images – we don’t need them for 3D printing work.

See also

The Blender documentation’s section on selecting has lots more information and shows all sorts of ways to make a selection.