Interface cheatsheetΒΆ

Here are the commands so far:

Action Description
RMB Select an object
Shift-RMB Add another object to the selection
A Toggle the selection of all objects
Del or X Delete an object from the scene
Space Shows the search bar menu
Ctrl-Z Undo last action
Ctrl-Shift-Z Redo last undo
LMB Place the 3D cursor under the mouse cursor
Shift-S Snap menu
MMB Rotate the view
Shift-MMB Pan the view
Ctrl-MMB/Wheel Zoom the view
Numpad7 Snap to top view
Numpad1 Snap to view from the front
Numpad3 Snap to view from the right
Numpad5 Swap between orthographic and perspective views
Numpad9 Swap (switches between top/bottom or left/right)
G Grab (move, translate)
S Scale (resize)
R Rotate
LMB Confirm transformation