3D Cursor

LMB moves the 3D cursor which is used for specifying a point in 3D space.


The 3D cursor

A common workflow is to place the 3D cursor and then snap an object to it. Sometimes, in order to place the 3D cursor we first snap it to some other object.

Action Description
LMB Place the 3D cursor under the mouse cursor
Shift-S Snap menu

Exercise: Snapping the 3D Cursor

  • Move the 3D Cursor somewhere in the scene (LMB)
  • Select the cube and snap it to the cursor (Shift-S ‣ Selection to cursor)

Snap menu (Shift-S)

  • Snap the 3D Cursor back to the origin (Shift-S ‣ Cursor to Center)
  • Snap the cube back to the origin (Shift-S ‣ Selection to cursor)