FeatureDB.children(id, level=None, featuretype=None, order_by=None, reverse=False, limit=None, completely_within=False)[source]

Return children of feature id.

  • id (string or a Feature object) –

  • level (None or int) – If level=None (default), then return all children regardless of level. If level is an integer, then constrain to just that level.

  • limit (string or tuple) – Limit the results to a genomic region. If string, then of the form “seqid:start-end”; if tuple, then (seqid, start, end).

  • strand ("-" | "+" | ".") – Limit the results to one strand

  • featuretype (string or tuple) – Limit the results to one or several featuretypes.

  • order_by (string or tuple) – Order results by one or many fields; the string or tuple items must be in: ‘seqid’, ‘source’, ‘featuretype’, ‘start’, ‘end’, ‘score’, ‘strand’, ‘frame’, ‘attributes’, ‘extra’.

  • reverse (bool) – Change sort order; only relevant if order_by is not None. By default, results will be in ascending order, so use reverse=True for descending.

  • completely_within (bool) – If False (default), a single bp overlap with limit is sufficient to return a feature; if True, then the feature must be completely within limit. Only relevant when limit is not None.

Return type:

A generator object that yields Feature objects.