BedTool.union_bedgraphs(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Wraps bedtools unionbedg.

Warning: using the header=True kwarg will result in a file that is not in true BED format, which may break downstream analysis.

Original BEDTools help::

Tool:    bedtools unionbedg (aka unionBedGraphs)
Version: v2.31.0
Summary: Combines multiple BedGraph files into a single file,
         allowing coverage comparisons between them.

Usage:   bedtools unionbedg [OPTIONS] -i FILE1 FILE2 .. FILEn
         Assumes that each BedGraph file is sorted by chrom/start 
         and that the intervals in each are non-overlapping.

        -header         Print a header line.
                        (chrom/start/end + names of each file).

        -names          A list of names (one/file) to describe each file in -i.
                        These names will be printed in the header line.

        -g              Use genome file to calculate empty regions.
                        - STRING.

        -empty          Report empty regions (i.e., start/end intervals w/o
                        values in all files).
                        - Requires the '-g FILE' parameter.

        -filler TEXT    Use TEXT when representing intervals having no value.
                        - Default is '0', but you can use 'N/A' or any text.

        -examples       Show detailed usage examples.