BedTool.cluster(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Wraps bedtools cluster.

For convenience, the file or stream this BedTool points to is implicitly passed as the -i argument to clusterBed

Original BEDTools help::

Tool:    bedtools cluster
Version: v2.31.0
Summary: Clusters overlapping/nearby BED/GFF/VCF intervals.

Usage:   bedtools cluster [OPTIONS] -i <bed/gff/vcf>

        -s      Force strandedness.  That is, only merge features
                that are the same strand.
                - By default, merging is done without respect to strand.

        -d      Maximum distance between features allowed for features
                to be merged.
                - Def. 0. That is, overlapping & book-ended features are merged.
                - (INTEGER)