pybedtools.contrib.venn_maker.venn_maker(beds, names=None, figure_filename=None, script_filename=None, additional_args=None, run=False)[source]

Given a list of interval files, write an R script to create a Venn diagram of overlaps (and optionally run it).

The R script calls the venn.diagram function of the R package VennDiagram for extremely flexible Venn and Euler diagram creation. Uses cleaned_intersect() to create string representations of shared intervals.

beds is a list of up to 4 filenames or BedTools.

names is a list of names to use for the Venn diagram, in the same order as beds. Default is “abcd”[:len(beds)].

figure_filename is the TIFF file to save the figure as.

script_filename is the optional filename to write the R script to

additional_args is list that will be inserted into the R script, verbatim. For example, to use scaled Euler diagrams with different colors, use:

additional_args = ['euler.d=TRUE',

If run is True, then assume R is installed, is on the path, and has VennDiagram installed … and run the script. The resulting filename will be saved as figure_filename.